MOOSEE Will Attend Vape Club Show in Saint Petersburg


As a fashionable and innovative e-cigarette brand, MOOSEE is going to participate in the upcoming Saint Petersburg E-cigarette Exhibition on December 16-17. During the Vape Club Show,MOOSEE will bring the latest e-cigarette products to vapers in Russia and the rest of the world.

The vape club show in Saint Petersburg is one of the largest e-cigarette exhibition in Russia, with morn than 400 exhibitors from around the world showcasing their latest products and technologies. MOOSEE is excited to be part of this globally vape industry event and share its new stylish disposable vape with experts, media and customers.

"We are thrilled to participate in the Saint Petersburg E-cigarette Exhibition and showcase our latest products to the world," said Captain from MOOSEE. "We see this as an opportunity to show our commitment to quality and innovation, and better understand our customers ."
MOOSEE is known for its advanced technology e-cigarette and stylish design. MOOSEE offers a wide range of features, including adjustable airflow e-cigarette, large capacity vape, replaceable pod device, refillable vape device.

Welcome to visit BOOTH 811 of Expoforum in Saint Petersburg , meet the colorful MOOSEE in Vape Club Show from December 16-17.


Post time: Dec-07-2023